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Frequently Asked Questions



All of our maids only carry and use products that are safe for you, your family and pets.  We also have an all "green" cleaning option, if that is what you prefer.


Each home and need is different so it is hard to give an exact answer without knowing a little more about what you need done.  Call us and we can give you quote on the phone after asking you a few questions or we can set up a time for one of our supervisors to come meet with you and give you a price. 

How do I pay?

We accept personal checks and credit cards only.  If you pay by credit card, we will send you an invoice and authorization form to complete prior to your cleaning, and we will invoice your credit card the day of service.  If you choose to pay by check, you will be presented with an invoice when we arrive (or by email before we arrive) and you can write a check at that time (or have one ready for us).  We cannot start cleaning until we have received your payment.  To protect you and ensure our employee's safety, we do not accept cash.

What if something comes up and I need to cancel?

Life happens, we get it.  However, we do require at least 48 hours of notice for any cancellation.  There will be a 25% cancellation fee assessed for any cancellations without a 48-hour notice.  

Our deep cleans and empty house cleans require a 25% deposit on the quoted amount when we confirm a cleaning date with you.  This is a non-refundable deposit if we show up and are locked out or if you change your mind.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No, you can cancel at anytime.  You will have to sign a non-solicitation agreement and a commitment of payment for services provided.


what if I am not satisfied with certain areas of my cleaning?

Our goal is for you to be 100% satisfied.  If you are not, let us know within 24 hours and we will re-clean the areas that you are not happy with.

What If I am not home during my typical cleaning day?

Most of our clients are busy, so they usually aren't home when we arrive.  We have many ways of working this out.  Call our office and we can discuss options to make sure your home gets cleaned even when you are not there.

Do I get to PICK the Day and TIme of My Service?

We try to accommodate you as best we can.  If, when we start service, we do not have availability on the day you prefer, we will put you on a waiting list for when that day becomes available.  We have two start times each day: 8-8:30 am and 11 am-1 pm Monday - Friday.  With advance notice, we may be able to  clean on Saturdays, but we try to not make a habit  of working on the weekend.  

I came home and certain parts of my house WEre not cleaned.

We do ask that you pick up toys, clothes, and other items from the floor and off of areas you want cleaned.  A few items left here and big deal; we will take care of it.  However, if we skipped an area completely, we will normally leave you a note as to why.  If you have questions or concerns, please make sure you call our office so we can make sure you are completely satisfied.  

Will I have the same maid every visit if I am on a reguLar schedule?

That is our goal.  For the initial clean, it may be a different 2 people, but once you are set up on a regular schedule, we do everything in our power to make sure the same person comes every cleaning.


It is certainly not expected, but is definitely appreciated for a job well done.  We love our maids and hope you do too!


Do you use your supplies and equipment or Mine?

We typically use our own products and equipment with the exception of a mop, vacuum, and toilet brush.  If you are a one-time clean, we will use your mop. If you are on a regular schedule, we will supply you with a new mop, but we will keep it at your house.  If it is an empty house clean, we will supply everything.  

If you do not have a mop, vacuum, or toilet brush just let us know we can bring them.

Sanitation is very important to us and any supplies (rags, dry mops, microfiber, etc.) used in one house will not be used in another house until they are sanitized.  

Can you use the products that I prefer?

We sure can.  We have to make sure that they are safe for our staff and you will have to supply them, but in most cases we are happy accommodate your preferences.  


We love pets too!  If your pet is super friendly, then you can leave them out and we will work right beside them.  If they are not comfortable with strangers, then many of our customers will put them in a crate, outside (weather permitting) or in a specific room.  That room will not be cleaned while the pet is in there.  One of our supervisors will work this out with you before the cleaning so it is clearly indicated on the work order for our maids.  


A "lock out" is when our maids show up to your location on the confirmed date and window of time, but no one is home and we have not been given access some other way (key, lock box, etc.).  We will wait 15 minutes and try to contact you. However, if you are unable to make it home or provide access into your house, you will be charged a fee of  25% of your quote.

Our employees are very important to us and their safety is a priority.  An "unsafe environment" could mean an unruly animal, presence of dangerous or harmful insects, human or animal bodily excretions, physical or verbal abuse, clutter to the degree that cleaning would be more difficult, no running water or electricity, growth of unhealthy or undermined substances (e.g., mold), or any environment where they feel in danger.  If they encounter any of these situations, our maids are instructed to leave immediately.  If they discover this after they have already started to clean, then you will be charged 100% of your quoted price. If they have not started to clean, then you will charged 50% of your quoted price.

Any Other Questions?

Please call us or send us an email.  We would be happy to answer any question you might have.