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Cowtown Maids

Why Cowtown Maids

Does this sound like you?

You are busy. You juggle a job, family, pets and countless activities that are important to you. Finding the time during the week to clean your house—really clean your house—is next to impossible. And the last thing you want to do on your weekend is to spend it tackling those endless chores. You need time to relax...but you also want your house clean!  

Cowtown Maids is a professional cleaning service.  

All of our maids are:

  • Employees of Cowtown Maids.  We pay their taxes, so you don't have to!
  • Background checked and drug screened.  Is your private cleaner?
  • Professionally trained.  There actually is an art and process to cleaning properly.
  • Insured and bonded.  So if something accidentally gets broken, you are covered.
  • Only use cleaning products that are safe. Helps ensure you, your family and pets are completely safe, too.
  • Complete an 81-point cleaning inspection on every visit. Did you know there were that many things to clean?
  • Complete continuing education to continue improving their skills and your service.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.    We will come back and re-clean if you are not happy!

At Cowtown Maids we have found that most of our clients either a) have never used a professional cleaning service  or b) use somebody private that was referred to them by a friend, local advertisement or social media.  

If you have never had your house cleaned by a professional, be is amazing! We like to call it an affordable luxury.  Our first clean is normally a "deep clean" — we will clean places you may not even know are dirty.  This will get your house in tip-top shape.  After the deep clean, nearly all of our clients then choose one of our Premier Maintenance Packages (weekly, bi-weekly, and in some cases monthly).  Not only are our cleaning packages affordable, but they will save you hours every week and free up that time to do the things  you really want to do.  


The other scenario we routinely see is that you have (or had) a cleaner that was referred to you by a friend or advertisement. Sometimes this works out great. Or maybe it started out great, but then as time went on, you began to notice that they weren’t cleaning as well as they had in the beginning. Maybe they expected you to stock the cleaning supplies (and most of our clients admit they are not experts on what’s in most of these cleaners) or your cleaning person is using harsh chemicals to clean your house and leaving behind a toxic residue. So while this person is probably “cheaper” than using a professional service, as with most things in life, you get what pay for.

Finally, did you know that if you pay a private cleaner more than $2,100 in cash or check annually (that's only $40.39 per week or $80.76 every other week), provide them with the cleaning products or supplies, tell them when and where to clean, and/or have them on a certain schedule…that you may have what the IRS calls a “household employee”? This means you could be subject to paying their social security, Medicare, and federal unemployment taxes and providing them with a W-2 while you file a W-3. Let Cowtown Maids take this concern out the equation!



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