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Maintenance Cleaning Packages




Our premier maintenance cleaning packages are offered for weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly service.  There are different options of service for different frequencies of our service.  

Our premier maintenance cleaning is designed to keep your house in top condition.  The package includes cleaning all kitchens and bathrooms, dusting all vertical surfaces, vacuum, sweep and mop all floors, wipe down all cabinet fronts, baseboards, and window sills.  We can change your bedsheets and make your beds. 

We do require an initial clean before you can be put on a premier maintenance service.

Pricing for the premier maintenance plan is based on the total size of your home, number of bathrooms and kitchens, and number of pets.  

What's not included?

Premier Maintenance Cleaning does not include

  1. Cleaning inside of the refrigerator/freezer,
  2. Cleaning ceiling fans
  3. Vacuuming upholstery
  4. Any cleaning outside of the air-conditioned space.
  5. Cleaning any windows
  6. Cleaning inside of cabinets or pantry(we do sweep, mop walk-in pantry)
  7. Steam clean tile and grout
  8. Using any special systems or cleaning agents supplied by the homeowner.

If you are interested in any of the items above, just ask when you call.

Other items we do not do:

  1. Climb to clean
  2. Wash walls
  3. Move heavy furniture to clean
  4. Use any harsh chemicals provided by homeowner
  5. Wax furniture 
  6. Any outside windows
  7. Organize or put away personal items.