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Empty House Cleaning



An empty house clean from Cowtown Maids will get the house in pristine condition for selling or for those ready to move in their new home.  

An empty house clean includes cleaning all kitchens and bathrooms, dusting all vertical surfaces, vacuum, sweep and mop all floors, cleaning interior and exterior cabinets, baseboards, window sills, stair rails, dusting and cleaning blinds, wiping down all doors and door frames, cleaning cabinet glass and interior door glass, cleaning all inside windows (within safe reach) and cleaning ceiling fans safely reachable from a 2 step ladder.   This cleaning includes everything inside the house that is safely reachable except washing walls.

Empty House cleaning does not include

  1. Any cleaning outside of the air-conditioned space.
  2. Cleaning any outside windows
  3. Using any special systems or cleaning agents supplied by the homeowner.
  4. Steam cleaning tile and grout.

If you are interested in any of the items above, just ask when you call.

Other items we do not do:  

  1. Climb to clean
  2. Wash walls
  3. Use any harsh chemicals provided by homeowner
  4. Wax furniture 
  5. Any outside windows
  6. Organize or put away personal items.